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Mark of Silver (The Ladrian Chronicles #1)

ISBN: 9798215376669
Date: November 22, 2022
Number of pages: 386 pages
Language: English
Format: EPUB
Banished from his town...
Exiled from his country...
Forgotten by his race...

The ordinary life of Derith "Silver" Sylvarado, the hunter for his village, gets suddenly torn away when a fateful run-in with a dying man imbues him with the power of the Ladrian, an ancient and accursed race empowered with strength, speed and the ability to transform.

Despite his earnest efforts to keep his new power a secret, an attack on his town by the royal army forces him out of hiding and out of excuses. A hero at heart, Silver chooses to use his power to protect those he loves... and is exiled from his home town because of it.

With the words of the dying Ladrian echoing in his mind to "Guard the Power", he sets out to locate the hidden city where the Ladrian dwell, in hopes that he can rally their army against the forces of Uthak Tairyth, the corrupt tyrant who rules his country. Along with a band of exiles consisting of a pessimistic, pragmatic man named Searin, a deaf and mute Elvin psychic named Niri, a mysterious and intelligent water adept named Clarity and a modest but merciless monster named Que-Que, Silver follows a trail of riddles that leads him from one heroic undertaking to the next in an effort to find the ancient city... before his enemies find him...

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