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Psychotrope (Shadowrun Legends #33)

ISBN: 1230001395624
Date: August 1, 1998
Number of pages: 319 pages
Language: English
Format: EPUB

It started out as a simple Matrix run, but now five deckers are trapped inside a nightmarish virtual landscape where jacking out is an impossibility—and what waits has all the hallmarks of the afterlife: tunnels of brilliant light, greetings from long-dead friends and family...and the terrifying sense of being juggled between Heaven and Hell. But in this computer-generated netherworld, there is only one thing that can be trusted. And it isn't the senses....


It’s the uncommon experience the deckers all share: a near brush with death. It has brought them together in this hell-raising realm and under the influence of a twisted intelligence with diabolical plans for the unwary travelers in grid-time. Having their minds and souls extinguished before the Matrix-scape crashdown is only the beginning of the puzzle. Discovering why will be the end. A dead end.

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