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Secrets in Scarlet: An Arkham Horror Anthology (Arkham Horror #25)

ISBN: 9781839081835
Date: October 4, 2022
Number of pages: 324 pages
Language: English
Format: EPUB
A secret organization ruthlessly seeks power over supernatural terrors in this globe-trotting anthology of arcane mystery and adventure, from the bestselling world of Arkham Horror

Beyond our world lies another, one full of paranormal forces and eldritch horrors, and once that membrane has been pierced, life can never be the same again. In every corner of the globe, persons unknown are seizing objects of extreme supernatural power. They declare themselves defenders of humanity, fighting off the darkness which presses against the veil shrouding our reality from the unknowable. But do their claims of altruism ring true? And should they be permitted to wield such power? From the world of Arkham Horror comes an exciting new anthology that delves into new mysteries.

• The Man in the Bubble by David Annandale
• City of Waking Dreams by Davide Mana
• Brother Bound by Jason Fischer
• Honor Among Thieves by Carrie Harris
• A Forty Grain Weight of Nephrite by Steven Philip Jones
• Strange Things Done by Lisa Smedman
• In Art, Truth by James Fadeley
• Crossing Stars by MJ Newman
• The Red and the Black by Josh Reynolds

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