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Jerry, Let Me See the Moon

Jerry, Let Me See the Moon
ISBN: 9780823457335
Date: May 7, 2024
Number of pages: 304 pages
Language: English
Format: EPUB
Things get squirrely when Jerry discovers that his new town is a sanctuary for were-creatures, humans who turn into animals when the moon is full, in an action-packed romp for younger middle grade readers.

Jerry has serious questions about the town his scientist father drags him to: why did they give up traveling the world to settle down in such a strange spot? Why won’t his dad talk about his mysterious research or explain what happened to his mother, who disappeared years ago? And when he sees his friend Pearl transform into a were-squirrel under the light of the full moon, he needs to know: were exactly has he ended up?

But when criminal mayhem turns Jerry’s town—a safe haven for were-creatures—into a not-so-safe haven, Jerry must uncover a twisty conspiracy and take down the instigators who are trying to tear the place that’s become his home apart.

Packed with twists and turns and filled with vivid black-and-white drawings, Kraken Me Up author Jeffrey Ebbeler’s experience as a comics artist translates into dynamic, visual action sequences that even the most reluctant readers won’t have to fight their way through. Larger-than-life bad guys and slapstick humor meets a heartfelt exploration of what makes a place home in this page-turner that will leave younger middle grade readers howling for more.

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