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Mary Quirk and the Language of Curses (Dark Lessons #4)

ISBN: 9798215071564
Series: Dark Lessons
Сategory: Fantasy
Date: November 24, 2022
Number of pages: 185 pages
Language: English
Format: EPUB
Mary Quirk has some unfinished business.

Earlier that summer, Mary and her friends managed to rescue three cadets from their rival school, El Paso Cerrado. As part of that effort, Mary turned up a strange fact that her boyfriend Finn and his twin Dillon are both hiding: their human grandfather was a Maledictor.

Maledictors make curses. It's an old and feared talent that isn't well understood. And Dillon clearly has more than a touch of it.

Unfortunately, that's become Mary's problem. She's tied to Dillon via a necklace he lent her, one that lets her become unseen. Unfortunately, she's beginning to suspect that the spell Dillon bound into the pendant isn't a spell at all, but a curse. Now Dillon is appearing in her nightmares, and she really wants to get him out.

And to do that, she'll have to face down an ancient curse…

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